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Your business partner in Poland: establishment of companies, organizing and delivering of various services during visits, searching for commercial real estates, organizing of goods transport etc.
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Mission B2B in Poland is to provide assistance to foreign enterprises in establishing contacts with companies and institutions operating in Poland, as well as to support implementation of foreign investment undertakings in Poland. We offer a very wide range of services tailored to the needs of every, even the most demanding, client.  Perfect knowledge of the Polish market and extensive experience in business are the assets, which will help to accelerate implementation of your project in Poland and contribute to its optimization and a significant reduction of its costs.


Finding business partners in Poland

We conduct market research and search for potential distributors, suppliers or partners. We  draw  up  and  provide  you  with  a list of  selected  companies which  match  the  specific criteria defined by you.

Organization and management of visits in Poland

We  accompany you to  local exhibitions  and  fairs,  contact selected  companies  and  offer assistance during talks and negotiations. We also offer  translation/interpretation services.We  help organize the  stay,  including transport from the airport or hotel booking.


If, in the beginning, you do not intend to create a company on the Polish market, yet you wish to start your activity as soon as possible, we can act as your proxy or sales representative, in keeping with a previously concluded agreement.


We provide legal, financial and tax consultancy in all sectors.  

Creating company structures in Poland: establishing and registering business activities / companies

We arrange formalities connected with establishing and registering your company in Poland (representative office, branch office, joint stock company…), we look for offices to rent or purchase on your behalf and we can recruit your staff.


We find real estate properties, developed or undeveloped, meeting the criteria defined by our  clients.  We  offer  assistance  in  acquiring  requisite administrative  permits  and authorizations,  including  building  permits,  designing,  supervision or  building  of  your investment in Poland. We organize tenders for general contractors of investments.


We organize comprehensive road, air and sea transport (including temperature-controlled transport), both in the country and internationally. 

Why Poland?

Economic Stability

Poland has had a market economy for 25 years, with annual economic growth and no recession. Cumulative economic growth for 2008-2013 stood at 20.20%, the strongest performance in the European Union, as well as one of the best results among the member countries of OECD. 

Internal Market

With its 39 million citizens, Poland is the sixth largest country in the European Union. Their purchasing power is still growing and the annual growth of retail trade is 10%. 

Strategic Location

Situated in Central Europe, Poland is at the crossroads of North-South and East-West trade routes. Such a location is a great asset, especially for the logistics and the transport sectors.

European Union Member Country

Since its accession to the European Union in 2004, Poland has enjoyed free movement of people, goods, services and capital throughout the European Union.  

Incentives for Investors

Foreign investors have access to numerous tools in order to finance their projects in Poland such as bank loans, the stock exchange, public-private partnerships, and Private Equity and Venture Capital funds

Qualified Staff

One of our country’s assets is its highly qualified and experienced workers, specialists in many fields. The cost of labour in Poland is very competitive.

Stable Tax System

Polski system podatkowy jest czytelny i mocno skodyfikowany. Stawka opodatkowania dochodu przedsiębiorstwa wynosi 19% (podatek liniowy). Stawki podatku VAT wynoszą 23%,  8%, 5% i 0%.


Thanks to the subsidies from the European structural and cohesive funds, Poland has experienced a dynamic growth in infrastructure, especially in the road infrastructure. Rail infrastructure is dense and regularly modernized. Poland has 15 airports, as well as sea ports by the Baltic Sea. 

Economic Zones

14 Special Economic Zones (SEZ) which will be active by 2026, as well as Industrial and Technological Parks (ITP) offer many facilities and easements for the companies situated there (tax credits, easy access to workforce, cooperation…).   

Real Estate

Foreign investors enjoy a vast array of choice in real estate: offices, warehouses, logistic centers, plants or investment territories, which can be financed in various ways: through leasing, loans or rental.  

Dynamic Manufacturer and Exporter

Poland is:

– The No 4 European manufacturer and one of the biggest exporters of timber with the sale of windows at 12 million pieces in 2014;

– The No 5 exporter of furniture globally, mainly to the German (40%), French, British and Czech markets, with exports totaling 7.5 billion Euros in 2014;

– The No 6 agri-food producer in the European Union and their biggest exporter in Europe; in2014, the value of exports reached 20 billion Euros with a record sale of 1.2 million tons of apples and 135.63 million tons of poultry and meat products; export of dairy products and fish are also great;

– one of the biggest manufacturers of leather and fur from mink (approximately 10 million pieces in 2014), as well as from fox and racoon. 


Feel free to contact us from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Information office in France, Paris region:

tel. +33 (0)1 47 45 45 40 (F, PL)
tel. +33 (0)6 12 59 57 20 (F, PL)

Correspondence address:
96, boulevard Maurice Barrès

92200 Neuilly sur Seine


Office in Poland:

tel. +48 537 88 33 22

Correspondence address:

B2B in Poland

ul. Dąbrowskiej 3 / 4

62-800 Kalisz


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